"CEBIT" Core Methodology

“CeBIT” based on “IT” to enhance business operation capability, is our innovated service methodology, changes the traditional software service from implementing customer’s IT system to optimize business management benefits. In other words, CeBIT helps not only information system, but also a continuous sophisticated management consultancy services.

To enhance customer business management capability, “CeBIT” refined from specific industry characteristics, focused on the key competencies of each business process, has established more than 150 key management indicators for manufacturing industry. Through the data collect from senior management interview, issues diagnosis, key bottleneck identify to action plan propose, a full service value of management indicator tree precisely measure the application benefits of customers.

Create the data management business

CEBIT Methodology, from the industry management characteristics, focus on the key competencies of each business process, has been refined and established more than 150 key indicators in manufacturing management system, to be precise to measure information technology application benefits, at the same time implement for customers from focusing on senior management issues, issues as-is analysis, to mining the key bottleneck, specify true improvements, to propose a sophisticated plan, provisioning of the full value service of the management's indicator tree. To enhance enterprise management capability, supporting the accurate implementation of enterprise policies, and achieve enterprise's final strategic goals.



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