ERP Series

Digiwin Software solutions provide a professional  ERP system  for companies of all industry sectors and all sizes: Small, Medium,Large scales enterprises and multinational enterprise. ERP can satisfies the needs of specific business, provide components that support a variety of business functions. Therefore, corporation can choose a suitable ERP system.

鼎新Workflow ERP GP流程導向企業資源規劃系統

Digiwin’s Workflow ERP GP provides a flexible architecture , multi-language interface and multi-trade system, in order to meet the needs of multinational enterprises which activities is all over the world; provides modules fit with local standards and regulations in all functions: general, customs, labor…. Besides,  Workflow ERP GP also provides self-designed documents function, so as to match local standards and regulations, satisfies corporation needs in globalization . Compliance with IFRS international accounting standards and IFRS complete solutions to help enterprises to master the competitive advantage and enhance global competitiveness.


Digiwin TIPTOP GP with industrial value chain operations dimension, from internal enterprises extend to external cooperations, help to enhance the timeliness and quality of commercial activities; with information management dimension, TIPTOP GP supplies a variety of information tools to rapidly develop various applications, therefore can adapt to constanly changing business model. TIPTOP GP assist enterprises in Group Management, Global distribution, grasping and managing multi-location operation challenges effectively, Combining flexible setting and scalable operational structure.

ERP II Series

Take ERP as focused, together with BI (business intelligence), CRM (customer relationship management), KM (Knowledge Management), SFT (shop floor tracking), PLM (product Life Cycle Management), B2B EC (electronic commerce), BPM (business process management)… Into the new era of e-business strategy, leading to the successful future.


Digiwin’s SFT-shop floor tracking system uses JAVA technology, provides WEB interface and simplifies system resources, make it no differences between using and managing the system, closely integrates on-site manufacture process with workflow ERP, therefore can reduce error and avoid recycling, to implement enterprises management cycle. Help to monitor abnormal situation at production site, therefore can do instant problems feedback and problems tracking .


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